Play Cards Against Humanity Online and Other Online Board Games Free!

In case you didn’t know, many of the most popular board games around like the extremely popular Cards Against Humanity are also available to play online – right now! These online games often have tutorials for people just learning the game and are often free to try and play at your leisure. You might not get the full experience of playing a game with other people, but whether you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase a game or just want to relax at the end of the day, these are great options for your busy lifestyle!

It is hard in today’s busy world to know which way to turn for your best options to play a quick game online. That’s why we have done all the searching for you! You might be familiar with these board games and you might not, but either way, they are fun to play, often don’t take very long and the best part is you don’t have to put anything back into a box after you’re done!

The games we are going to cover are:
Cards Against Humanity Online
The Settlers of Catan Online
Dominion Online
Ticket to Ride Online

Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity is one of the funniest adult games anywhere. It started out on Kickstarter and is now one of the most popular games. If you aren’t familiar with Cards Against Humanity, see our review here.  But basically, it is a party game for adults similar to Apples to Apples, where you get to choose a card or judge a round . The cards range anywhere from “My Little Pony” to “Undulating Member.”

Cards Against Humanity Online is a great way to get introduced to the game for the first time to get an idea if it is right for you.  It is also great for those who have played the game and are just looking for a quick fix and a good laugh.  The rounds are quick and games only take 20 or 30 minutes at most.  If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry, you will catch on pretty quick!

There are a few options to choose from when looking to play Cards Against Humanity Online.  Here are the best sites to try it out (in no particular order), keep in mind however that none of these are “officially licensed” and are more or less copycats, but essentially play the exact same way.; allows you to use Video chat so it is almost like playing in real life. has three separate servers so that if your friends are playing, you can all play together on the same server.

There is even one version that donates all of its proceeds to The Make a Wish Foundation at!/

You can even download this game onto your Iphone and the App is rated 4.5 stars.

You really can’t go wrong with Cards Against Humanity Online, it’s full of hilarious combinations and dreadful possibilities.  I love the fact that I can now play Cards Against Humanity online during a quick lunch break or at the end of a hard day of work. Cards Against Humanity is not for the goody two-shoes of the world, but for the rest of us, it’s horribly amusing!

Settlers Of Catan Online

If you love to play The Settlers of Catan, then you should definitely check out their game client! The game client is free to download and you can play both The Settlers of Catan and the 2 player version Rivals without ever spending a nickel.

If you decide you want to try out the other games, you can get a day pass for less than $2! if you enjoy playing The Settlers of Catan and are trying to decide which expansion to get, the day pass is the perfect option! It will let you play all the different games and find which one you like. You can also buy a monthly subscription if you want and the most you will ever pay is $6 a month. Paying members can dress their Settlers in Disco gear or give them hand puppets and you always have full access to all the games.

If you haven’t played The Settlers of Catan, you might struggle on this site. The tutorials are sometimes hard to understand and the graphics are admittedly a little hokey. The good news is that the other players on the site are usually quite helpful and will help you out!

You can get the Game Client at You can also play settlers for free with this game client: Brettspiele. This one’s primary language is German however, and I much prefer the playcatan version. The Settlers of Catan is also available on Android for less than $5 (one time purchase).

Dominion Online

Dominion is the grandfather of all the deck-building games out there. It has sold millions of copies and tournaments have even sprouted up featuring this game. Two years ago, there were several versions of this game available to play online, but Rio Grande has (as far as I know) the only available Online option for this game. It’s located at

Dominion is free to play online and you can play through the tutorial or against other players right off the bat, so it’s very accessible to both novice and experienced players. The adventure mode is pretty fun because you can jinx your opponent’s deck or enhance your own, but experienced players will find the adventure mode a little redundant as you have to go through various levels before getting to something of a challenge.

If you want to know if a certain expansion is something you want to invest in, isn’t a good way to go about finding out that information. It would be better to check out ratings and reviews on because you have to purchase the online expansions if you want to play them. Although the online expansions are much less expensive! For $11 you can get a Combo pack with several expansions or try out just one or two for $7.

Alternatively, Play Store for android still has Androminion available for free which has most, but not all of the expansions within it. This site is great for people who simply want to play a quick game of Dominion online or learn the rules. If you have a facebook account, you don’t even need to bother with registration, you can simply connect right from facebook! Game-play is smooth and the graphics are great. All in all, this site is worth checking out! Go get ye’ some Provinces!

Ticket To Ride Online

Ticket to Ride has sold millions of copies all over the world. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to play this fast and fun train building game every once in a while? If you weren’t already aware, you can play Ticket to Ride online as well! If you’ve never tried this game, the rules are super simple (I think there might be 4 of them!) The best place to go for Ticket to Ride is right to the source at You will have to register with an email, but that takes all of 1 minute.

The tutorial is a 5 minute video that explains all the rules and then launches you into a solo play version against some robot opponents. If you have never played Ticket to Ride, this will certainly help you understand the game. After that, the world is open to you. You can play against other people or keep playing the robots until you feel comfortable. I highly suggest putting in some back ground music while you play because the online version only has the occasional sound effect.

The downside to this site is that it tends heavily toward 2 player games, which are quick but can be fairly repetitive. I’d much rather play against multiple players. Other than that, the game is an exact copy of the board game. If you want to spend a little money, you can download other maps like Europe ($6) or download the full version onto your computer ($20). Ticket to Ride is available on I-Pad and Android in the Play store for less than 10 dollars each.
Ticket to Ride online is a great way to end your day. The games go very quickly and the people are generally pretty friendly. Whether you enjoy the board game or haven’t tried it, it is worth checking out. All Aboard!

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