The Best Board Games Of 2013

I have received multiple requests for a list of the best board games released in 2013.  So HERE YA GO!  But, before I get to the list, I want to say Thank You All so much for your feedback and support!!  Keep it coming!

Now, back to the list.  As you know we like to diversify our lists because we understand board gamers come from all walks of life and have their personal preferences.

That being said, we found this list to be slightly more difficult to diversify because of the lack of reviews and or information on games recently produced.  We found most of the games receiving a lot of praise were typically for more advanced board gamers.  And quite frankly, we here at have not had enough time to play them all.

As always, we separated our list of the Best Board Games 2013 into the following most popular categories;

  • Family
  • Party
  • Strategy
  • Fantasy
  • Kids


Best Board Games 2013CategoryAgePlayers PlaytimeRating
(1-5) Stars
Forbidden Desert Board Game

Family10+2~545 min4.5
Eldritch Horror

Fantasy14+1~82~4 hrs5
Rampage Board Game

Family/Kids8+2~430 min4.5
Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Strategy12+1~7120 min4.5

Party/Adult21+3~620 min4.5
Duel of Ages II Basic Set

Fantasy12+2~860 min5
Jungle Ascent

Family8+2~430 min5
Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak

Fantasy13+1~660 min4.5
Star Trek Attack Wing: Starter Set

Strategy14+2+30 min4.5
Bang!: The Dice Game

Party8+ 3~815 min4.5
Ghooost Card Game

Family8+2~620 min4
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set

Fantasy13+1~490 min4.5
Nations Board Game

Strategy13+1~52 hrs5
Corporate America

Party13+3~690~120 min5
Firefly: the Game

Strategy12+1~42 hrs+4.5
Warhammer 40k Relic Boardgame

Fantasy14+2~42 hrs+5
Space Cadets: Dice Duel

Party14+4~830 min4
Blood Bound Game

Party14+6~1230 min4.5
Carcassonne: South Seas

Family8+3~530 min4.5
Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

Fantasy14+2~660 min4.5
HeroClix DC - Batman Gotham City Strategy Game
Strategy14+2~460 min5
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Love the list! Ooh so many choices can’t wait to play them all 🙂
One I would add to the list is Castaways. Its an Amazing stranded on a deserted island game everyone should try!


    Thank You Natalie! I have heard good things about Castaways from others, however I have yet to play it. Will definitely add to the list. Thanks again!


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