Fun Drinking Games with Cards and Without

You are throwing your first adult party.  With your nerves set to high, there are two fears; that people will be so bored that they will leave or they will be so bored that they stay making sure that they remember never to attend one of your parties again.

The positive side is that you know your guests, well almost all of them, so making sure they are entertained shouldn’t be a problem.  There are so many different things you could do to liven up the party, get designer plates/glasses, cater the event, or personalized items.  The best bet for a truly memorable event is to bust out some fun drinking games.

Whether it be card drinking games or drinking games without cards, the best drinking games will liven up any party. Depending on the group of people that you have, you’ll learn more about your friends (some stuff you may not ever need to know or get out of your head) and it will draw you closer together.

As always, we’ve scoured the internet to find the absolute best of the best to help finding the game that’s right for you EASY! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list (below) with lots of choices followed by our favorite picks.

If you aren’t a drinker, which there are plenty of us out there, you can always substitute the liquor for something non-alcoholic.  Either way, you’re bound to get closer to one another with the silliness that playing drinking board games brings.

With all the drinking games mentioned here, we at always encourage that if a player is too intoxicated to continue, please don’t push yourself or them.  Swap out your/their alcoholic beverage for water, or just give them an option to quit.

Best Drinking Games List

Best Drinking GamesPlayersBest ForPlaytimeRating (1-5) Stars
Cards Against Humanity4-8Large/Small Group30min5
 Shot Glass Roulette2-16Large Group15min4
Sobriety Test3-12Large/Small Group20min4.5
I've Never Board Game2-8Small Group60min4.5
Loaded Kings (Waterproof Playing Cards)4-12Large/Small Group15min4.5
Pass out game2-4Small Group20min4.5
Corked - The Party Game for the Entertaining Connoisseur4+Large/Small Group20min4.5
Lightning Reaction Reloaded - Shocking Game2-4Small Group10min4
Never Have I Ever - the Card Game of Poor Life Decisions2-16Large/Small Group10min4.5
SEXXXtions - Adult Party Game2-8Small Group15min4.5
Battleshots2Just for 220min4
Red Dragon Inn2-4Small Group30-60min4.5
We Didn't Playtest This at All - With Chaos Pack2-15Large/Small Group1-5min4


Our Favorite Drinking Games!

For Parties – Large Groups/College  

Cards Against Humanity:

See our previous review of Cards Against Humanity Here

Never Have I Ever:

Never Have I Ever: The Game of Poor Life Decisions is a take on a classic drinking game.  When I played it in college, there wasn’t a card system like there is now.  This was one of the best ways to get blackmail material people, not that I would use it, but still…  If you’ve gathered a group of people who you know from various branches of your life (for example your work friends and your high school friends) this could help get them to know one another.

Of course when you play this game, you may find out things you may not want to know, like ever.  Before you start the game, make sure that everyone knows that it is okay to be open in this environment, that no one will use the information against one another (yeah, right…see the point about blackmail???).  By sharing experiences that are common to one another could forge bonds.  So here is how it works:  Everyone playing sits in a circle and receives 10 cards.

There are two types of cards in this game: Rules Cards and Play Cards.  With each player’s turn, a rule card is played, adding variance to the game.  Then one of the players plays a Play Card.  Some of these play cards say something like, “Rocked a Muffin Top” or “Took a Naked Selfie”.  When a player plays the card and you HAVE done it, you take a drink.  If the player has done the action as well, they get to take the card back and keep it.

The first person who reaches 10 cards of things they HAVE done, wins.  With 500 cards and an almost 5 star rating on (with over 250 reviews), this is a must have.  You’ll laugh, cry, blush and cringe at the same time!

Click for more Never Have I Ever Info, Reviews and Pricing!

For Parties – Small Groups 4 to 8 – Loaded Kings Drinking Game: 

Loaded Kings is one of the Nation’s most popular card drinking games.  This game is fun and easy, which makes it climb to the top of my list of drunken debauchery games.  I played a game similar to this game in college called 3-Man.  Although I can’t remember exactly how to play 3-Man, it would certainly attest to it being fun!

In the case of Loaded Kings, you take all of the waterproof (Loaded Kings means business – spilling will be involved) cards and spread them all out on the table.  There are some strict rules involved with this game.  Every time each of these rules are disobeyed you take a drink.  This game is one of the only games that indicates that a drink is equal to a sip.  This makes the game last a lot longer, and even though shooting beer is easy, it’s messy!  So kudos to Drunken Kings.

Back to the Rules:  Contractions can’t be used (see, I’d be a sip behind already…rather two); you cannot use anyone’s name; similar to fortune cookie reading, you must say “…in bed” after each sentence.  Simple sentences become sillier then.  “I have to go to the bathroom” becomes “I have to go to the bathroom…IN BED.”

The last rule is rather simple.  No swearing or cursing.  If you swear or curse, introduce your chin to the table.  Keep your chin there until someone else swears (which shouldn’t be too long given everyone is drinking).   After all the basic rules are discussed, the next thing that happens is that one player draws a card and follows the instructions on it.  There’s no actual end to this game, so you can keep going until the alcohol takes its toll.  With 100 reviews of almost 5 star on, this is definitely one of the best drinking games with cards available. Loaded Kings drinking game is sure to be a party hit.

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Drinking Games For Two – Shot Glass Checkers

I’ll admit it, when I was a kid, checkers stymied me.  Chinese checkers I was really good at, but make it a board with red and black squares and I had no idea what I was doing.  When I stumbled across the Shotglass Checkers set, I realized if I ever were to meet this game, I’d probably be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

However, I probably wouldn’t be as bad as the people who were good at what they were doing!  The rules are simple, set up the board like you would any other time you would play checkers.  Each of the pieces are shot glasses, which you would fill with your drink of choice.  This is the same for your opponent.

Start the game, and as every piece gets jumped or taken off the board, you take the shot inside the glass.  If you somehow manage to get kinged, you take the shot, refill and repeat.  If you do a chain jumping, all of the shots that were involved get drunk.  If you get double kinged (I think that’s a thing, my friends when I was a kid played with double kinging – because when they were playing against me, you probably get away with such things.) then you take three shots and so on.

Strategy gets thrown out the window as soon as the third or fourth shot hits.  With a ranking of 4.5 stars from over 20 reviewers on, others agree this is one of best drinking games for two.  Also one of the easiest drinking games without cards (except for the checkers challenged people like me) to pick up and play.

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Now that you have some ideas for drinking games during a party, go off and eat, drink ( DON’T DRIVE ) and be merry!



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